Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pop Up Shop

Fog, a gorgeous store in Tokyo, is setting up temporary shop with us! For the next 3 months we will feature many products that are only available to buy in Japan. Stop by when you can.

about fog:

Yumiko Sekine started her first business in 1993 importing used books and house ware from Europe and America to Japan.
In her search for more products, she could not find affordable every day linens that she had used during her childhood.
She visited Lithuania, a country that grows flax, whose fibers are spun into linen,
and has been producing and exporting linen productsto other European countries since the Middle Ages.
She was disappointed to find that there were no linen products for daily use available in the stores there.
This led her to contact several linen producers and started to have them produce her own product designs in Lithuania.
Her first collection started with only seven items. Now after ten years,
Fog Linen Work produces a large line of linen products for the home and linen clothing.
It's products are leading and defining the natural life style trend in Japan today.
Sekine continues to be inspired to create beautiful simple products for daily use.

For more info about Fog check out their website


  1. I don't know if you remember me or not but I stopped in your lovely store last week while visiting from south carolina........ truly have such a great aesthetic and I enjoyed every detail of your fabulous store! xo

  2. yes, i do remember.... you are so sweet! thank you! hope to see you again the next time you visit nyc.

  3. Dear dear me, I so dream of the day I can walk into one of your shops!!!

    Fog, hummm, thats a fine name for a business, and it so expresses the exact way I feel when I shop, but rather its more of a dreamy fog, rolling in quietly and lovly little cat paws:)